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The importance of becoming a better leader

Transformational Team Building
How to be a mindful leader

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    Patty Martin

    Certified Life Coach

    Founder of Vulnerable

    Research shows the highest percentage of employee’s lawsuits are due to:

    • Stress (83%)
    • Unhappy Employees
    • Feeling out of control
    • Experience Fatigue
    • Unpleasant Working Environment
    • Feeling Unseen
    • Feeling Unheard
    • Experience bullying from other co-workers
    • Are afraid to speak up


    Although your organizations' issues might have to do with the processes you have implemented, it is imperative that you consider your employees' mental well-being. After all, an individual can only give that of what she has within…anger, care, support, bullying, and so on.

    Individuals reporting positive mental health experience better work performance, better social relationships and better physical health

    Positive mental health among individuals has also been associated with higher levels of job satisfaction and job performance, which in turn predicts higher organizational performance and productivity